Our Values
IMaCS Value Proposition

An in-depth understanding of the business(es) in question, in terms of the emerging issues and trends that are shaping the industry.

A multi-disciplinary expertise in integrating all aspects of the businesses, such as, regulatory, operational, financial, legal and organisational issues.

An appreciation of the advantages and constraints of the inter-relationships among the various stake-holders of the organisation(s) concerned.

An in-depth experience in analysing competitive positions and dynamics of diverse businesses.


Client First
  The interest of clients is our foremost concern. To ensure client satisfaction, we strive to deliver realistic solutions that make a positive impact on the client environment. We maintain absolute confidentiality about our engagements and often go beyond contractual agreements in earning and preserving the trust we enjoy with our clients.
Thought Leadership
  Being in the knowledge business, we recognise the importance of being an incremental learning organisation in order to understand the growing complexities and ever-dynamic business milieu. We strive to generate high quality and contemporary ideas that form the basis of our success. We achieve this by recruiting and retaining quality people. We continuously invest in information and knowledge management systems that enable our consultants to generate, share, develop and upgrade their ideas and knowledge base.
No Hierarchy
  We are not bound by any kind of watertight hierarchical structures and more concerned about the ideas generated rather than who generates them. We believe that integrity, honesty, originality, collective wisdom and openness are critical in fostering a healthy culture within our firm.
Professional Integrity

We do not take up assignments in areas where we do not have the capability of delivering practicable and realistic solutions to clients. We adhere to the laws that govern the consulting business and abide by the terms of the contracts we get into. Our consultants maintain a high degree of ethical standards in their professional commitments.

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